Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Driver's Rehab

    So whats up everyone? I am so excited. I am finally within inches from being able to drive. I went to driver rehab like last Friday. It went very well, the lady was super nice and polite which made the whole experience better. The tests that they do are super fun, and not boring at all. There was this one test where you had like different size blocks and she would build something with them and then you would have to rebuild it in the fastest time possible. It seemed easy but it wasn't. After about like 2 hours of testing, we finally went out to practice driving for real. The car was soooooo small. I had trouble getting my foot from the gas to the break easily. We tried using hand controls and they seemed easier. The only problem was the hand control for the steering wheel. It's hard to explain without using motions with my hands and obviously you can't see my hands so I can't explain it. lol.

    I am having my first boy/girl party. Pretty cool right? Yea I think so. It's gonna be 3 boys and 3 girls. We gonna watch "The Hangover" and play Rock Band 2. I'm so excited for it. Thanks mom for letting me have it. You are a great mom and I am grateful to have you as a mom.

    It is almost the end of my sophomore year. This year has went by so fast. But boy am I glad it is over. But i won't go into that right now. Next year is the hardest year according to everyone. I thought this year was hard. Hopefully I will do fine. Oh and I am now like a really big classic rock person. lol. 

Monday, February 8, 2010

Superbowl post. Along with a little suprise.

So the Saints won the Superbowl. It was an excellent game, even though I lost $5 on it. The saints deserved it more. They played their hearts out, and actually played for more then just the rings. They played for their city. Way to go Saints. Now for the little surprise............ I am writing a series of books. The Series is going to be called "The Betrayal Series" (Name subjected to change).

     I am currently writing the first book as you read this. It is called "False Identity". It is basically about this professional assassin that works for the CIA. On one of his jobs, it require him to locate an illegal arms dealer. While he is about to take the target out, he learns something that could change the way he thinks about his job forever.

     But that was the surprise. lol. I know it wasn't it a big one but at least you didn't see it coming (hopefully). But that's about it for this post. Oh one last thing........ 4 MONTHS and 11 DAYS until the beach. I think i'm the most excited.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Let me start off by saying this. The South Carolina Gamcocks were unbelievable last night coming off a 63-49 win against.....wait for it............. the #1 team Kentucky Wildcats. This is an extraordinary win for the gamecocks. I am so proud to be a fan. I unfortunately didn't get to watch the game because my mom was watching American Idol and I forgot it was on.

Well it looks like the Superbowl is going to be good. Indianapolis Colts against the New Orland Saints. Not sure who I want to win. On one hand, I want the Saints to win because they haven't been to a Superbowl in a while. On the other hand, I want the Colts to win cause Payton's brother won last year and it would be cool to see him win this year. lol.

I'm trying to see if any of my friends are having a Superbowl party cause it is always more fun to watch it with other people. lol

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Wow, it's been a while. lol.

Well, it has been a long while since i last wrote on here. A lot has happened since then. I turned 16, I became a sophomore at my high school, and I'm learning how to drive (which is currently on hold).

My 16th party was pretty cool. I had a total of 4 people spend the night. It was crazy. Sophomore year is kicking my butt this year. It is a lot harder then freshman year. I'm hanging in there though and I think I will make it through the year with AB honor roll. Well, hopefully at least. I just learned over the weekend that my whole Seneca family is going to the beach this summer. That's going to be extremely fun. Well, I don't have to much to write on this blog post but I'm sure I will next time I write. I promise it won't be a year later. Oh and before i go, I would like to recommend any book by Vince Flynn. He is a awesome author. Thanks Uncle Paul for recommending him to me.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

High School

OMG. High School is so stupid sometimes. I still don't know why some of the kids are still going to high school when they act up and don't care about there education. For example, everyday since August 18th in physical science class the whole class acts up and wont shut the heck up. I'm not sure why exactly I'm writing this but if there is a person in my physical science class whose is acting up and is reading this, let me tell you one thing, please shut up and let people learn. Geese. OK, sorry but i had to get that off my chest. It was really making me upset. I mean really upset. Other then that high school is going very well. I had my meeting with my guidance counselor today about what electives I want to take. I would also like to thank my Uncle Paul, Aunt Maryjo, and my mom for spending numerous amount of time helping me. Lets see.... what else is going on in my life..... Um I'm in the Seneca Police Explorers which is really fun. I'm the treasurer and my rank is a Sargent. Other then that not a whole lot is going on. Before I put the roller coaster of life on hold, You have to try Mott's Apple Juice. It is the best apple juice ever. Just don't drink it right after you brush your teeth. I found this out the hard way.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Long time since last post

It been a long time since i last posted something. A lot has happen since then. Christmas came and gone. I got a lot of nice presents. I think my favorite was a tie between the PS3 controller and the Blue tooth headset for the PS3. Other then Christmas coming and going, we also got a new president. I think the inauguration was the most moving thing I have ever seen. To see Obama becoming the first black president in our country was very touching. You know sometimes i don't' think we fully understand the impact something has in our lives. I remember when I was in the third grade on the devastating day of September 11, 2001, Our class watched the breaking news and i remembering talking through it cause i was too young to fully understand what was happening. I thought it was just another accident or something. But watching the inauguration I was very intone to what was going on and happening. I think this nation has come a long way through the years and its has had its ups and downs. I pray that Obama will help this nation be the United States of America once again. Not a whole lot has happen since the inauguration. The 51st Grammies was awesome. Today is also my 1 year anniversary of my spine surgery. That means that i can play football and play any sports that i want. I think I am going to take up paintball. If anyone wants to join me feel free to.