Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Driver's Rehab

    So whats up everyone? I am so excited. I am finally within inches from being able to drive. I went to driver rehab like last Friday. It went very well, the lady was super nice and polite which made the whole experience better. The tests that they do are super fun, and not boring at all. There was this one test where you had like different size blocks and she would build something with them and then you would have to rebuild it in the fastest time possible. It seemed easy but it wasn't. After about like 2 hours of testing, we finally went out to practice driving for real. The car was soooooo small. I had trouble getting my foot from the gas to the break easily. We tried using hand controls and they seemed easier. The only problem was the hand control for the steering wheel. It's hard to explain without using motions with my hands and obviously you can't see my hands so I can't explain it. lol.

    I am having my first boy/girl party. Pretty cool right? Yea I think so. It's gonna be 3 boys and 3 girls. We gonna watch "The Hangover" and play Rock Band 2. I'm so excited for it. Thanks mom for letting me have it. You are a great mom and I am grateful to have you as a mom.

    It is almost the end of my sophomore year. This year has went by so fast. But boy am I glad it is over. But i won't go into that right now. Next year is the hardest year according to everyone. I thought this year was hard. Hopefully I will do fine. Oh and I am now like a really big classic rock person. lol. 

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